Being aware of the light that is already within us

THANK YOU ALL for finding me as we may be on a similar spiritual path and journey experiencing our authentic-self reaching out to connect with others.  By doing this we are able to join our light with others as one heart to encourage the world to be more accepting, compassionate, and alive.  Being mindfully aware inside of how this feels can be life changing.  We can learn to see and feel the bigger picture when meditating, being mindful on how what’s happening on the outside is affecting our inside!, being ourselves completely, creating art, writing, dancing, going out and connecting with nature, etc.

When souls connect and resonate, as well as getting grounded during meditation, we can feel like peaceful still water.  We can all meditate, deep breathe, and transcend to get in touch with the light and stillness already within us.  I have an article on my website explaining Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), which is one of the Holistic techniques I teach others to let go of stress, trauma, past experiences and triggers to help one “Just Be.” Also, deep breathing and visualization techniques can help one accept and then shift negative self-talk and energy to be more positive and effortless. As we know there are so many ways to mindfully connect to oneself and to others.  ENJOY!



Marilyn Spenadel, LCPC, BCC
Holistic Psychotherapist
Spiritual Life Coach
Authentically U Counseling, LLC