Connecting to the bigger picture

Inspirational Chinese quote:
“The light you are seeking is the light in your own lantern and your rice has been cooked from the very beginning.”
To me this means that from the beginning of time, when our soul came to be, we were on  a mission that we continue to discover and nurture forever by connecting to and helping each other.  Our light and answers are inside of us that can open our awareness of our connection and the bigger picture.  Our soul will continue to lead the way for us to help the greater good if we continue to feel and see our light, and the light in others, which is in all of us that connects us.  By us inspiring and ignited the light in others we can help strengthen worldly compassion, strength, and connectedness.  Also, going out into nature and breathing it in helps us connect to the bigger picture.  This is hard to explain, yet easier to feel… AUTHENTICALLY U!

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