This isn’t it, I was reminded again this weekend that we will be with our love ones forever!


Connecting this weekend to a very sweet, brave, and beautiful kindred spirit.

What seeing lady bugs, deers, red cardinals, butterflies, eagles, owls, other animals, beautiful sunsets, etc. could be telling us if we dare to believe and open our minds to having connections we can no longer touch, yet are sending us love and are remaining connected to us.  Have you seen these signs too or felt connections after love ones have gone?

This weekend I attended an amazing and deeply heartfelt exhibit.  I connected with a mom who explained she sees signs, lady bugs, whenever she travels that give her the message that her daughter’s spirit is with her since lady bugs are her daughter’s spirit animal they were both told about.  I explained that I possibly brought a lady bug with me since I discovered one on my folder going into my car that I brought into the gallery.  This folder was only outside for a couple minutes when I went from my house to car.  I hadn’t seen a lady bug in over a year and I felt I was supposed to tell her about this coincidence.  We decided to sit down and talk some more.   I looked through my bag and saw no signs of this infamous lady buy.  We continued to talk and a couple joined us who knew her.  As the four of us discussed love ones who have passed we saw a lady bug fly up toward the light near us in the gallery and we felt this was a sign that our relatives were with us and wanted us to be thinking of them.  I was so pleased that she expressed that this lady bug was there for all of us.  This spiritual connection with a new friend truly felt like a divine intervention and an important event to remember.

This surely isn’t the first time I’ve seen and felt a sign as deers seem like the animal that feels like my Dad’s spirit and light.  However, this is the first time that I brought one unknowingly to someone that seemed to bring comfort, peace, and a message for them.  She said she knows she was meant to be at this show because of this lady bug.  I feel I was meant to connect with her and remind her with this bug that her daughter is forever with her as our love ones are forever with us.  I wish I had known this was possible before my parents passed since this would have brought me hope and solace during those very hard times.  It’s just so wonderful that there is so much more to life and love than what can be seen and even imagined.  Being aware of profound experiences like these proved again to me that we are all connected to help and inspire each other.  This isn’t it as both of us agreed and we will be with our love ones forever!  Again I’m reminded that death doesn’t separate us from our love ones since our spirits can be felt forever by ones we are connected to.

Your comments are greatly appreciated!! Pass it forward: other readers could gain valuable insight from your comments. Thank you!

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