An “Aha Moment” in 2012 about the meaning of life; “all we need is love”

"All we need is Love"

As I reflect on my challenging 2012 year, with having love ones die, and gaining even more insight into the meaning of my life while watching Gray’s Anatomy last night.  A statement a character said seemed to ring true for me as he was reflecting back on his life, “I found people to love and love me back.”

This statement seems so simple, yet so profound.  As a therapist and life coach I help others find their meaning to their life.  They often wonder why they are put on this earth and how they can make a difference in the world.  I help them see what their strengths are, what their passion is, what living as their Authentic-Self feels and looks like, how to accept and love themselves, and what brings them the most joy as I try to plant seeds of hope and encouragement.  This is a process that is quick for some and may take years for others to discover.  I have found with spiritual growth and healing many of my clients find their answers.  This insight can be discovered while learning how to connect with themselves, others, and their world.  They do this in various ways; by going both inwards and outwards to find their answers through meditation, Advanced Integrative Therapy, connecting to nature or animals, and becoming both emotionally and/or physically healthy as they live in their Authentic-Self.

Spirituality to me is connecting to others with a smile, look, conversation, inspiration, through play and adventure, meditation, seeing someone get their “aha moment,” being a part of someone cleansing their stress or trauma, seeing someone understand themselves or someone else better, their last session with me, as well as, all the others and mainly connecting with love.  As I connect with my family, friends, and in work I have found the true meaning in life for me is that I too have found people to love and love me back.  Truly think about it, doesn’t love seem like the answer?  Living and making decisions for oneself and for others out of love seems so important and meaningful to my journey.

Hope you had an insightful 2012 too.  Looking forward to a rewarding, joyful, healthy, and full of love 2013!!

Marilyn                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Breathe, focus, grow, and be inspired”

Your comments are greatly appreciated!! Pass it forward: other readers could gain valuable insight from your comments. Thank you!

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