A quick and easy ongoing Meditation technique to incorporate into your day to promote wellness

A quick and easy Meditation technique to enhance your resiliency to physical and mental illness.  Being aware of your mind/body connection to stress can make you stronger!

To add to your meditation/resiliency daily routine: 

Close your eyes and Just Breathe; the deeper the better.  3 seconds in through your nose and 6 seconds out through your mouth.  Do this 3 times, at least 4 times a day.  This will help you relax, cleanse out toxins and negative energy, and help you to become more resilient to deal with any stress that might come along.

Visualize bringing in an abundance of soothing, healing sunlight throughout your body from above in through your head and out your finger tips and toes.  Actually see the sun coming in and warming your energy centers up and melting away your stress, dripping off your finger tips and toes.  You can breathe out stress where you store it in your body.  As you breathe visually go to the area you hold your stress, pains, and breathe out the negative energy in the area by seeing it disappear.

Pass this on to help others too.  Meditation has been proven to ward off illnesses which come from stress.  Did you know that 80 % off all visits to doctors are stress related?!  Often our aches, pains, and illnesses come from chronic stress we are unaware we are under.  If your doctor can’t or can find a reason for your issue, see if these meditation techniques help you heal and become more resilient.  ENJOY!!

Your comments are greatly appreciated!! Pass it forward: other readers could gain valuable insight from your comments. Thank you!

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