3 things one can learn by being conscious to their breath:


1) Learn to relax by being mindful to your breath with meditating;

2) Getting spiritually connected to your hirer power, if you choose;

3) Learn to understand and feel your mind/body connection to stress & then to become more resilient to stress related illnesses by breathing away stress at it’s origin or current source and then instilling positive attributes;

a) EFT/Tapping:

Breathing in affirmations as you tap meridian points in the body that hold stress, then instilling positive beliefs during stressful times.  You say only one sentence, depending on what is going on, as you tap away your stress.


b) Advanced Integrated Therapy (AIT):

Breathing away stress, with the correct word or phrase, as you cleanse your body of your mind/body connection to an event, person, fear, phobia, or trauma at it’s origin and learn how it is affecting you now.  Learning to not be triggered by past feelings and changing one’s perception towards anything as you cleanse away the feeling that’s become part of you can be life changing.  Then, learn to breathe in a positive attribute you want to replace the negative feeling.  Understanding and feeling your mind/body connection to stress can help you to become more resilient to stress related mental and physical illnesses and help you lead the life you want to.  You can learn to drop any old baggage or stories and learn to rewrite you life as you feel lighter.



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