Connecting to the bigger picture

Inspirational Chinese quote:
“The light you are seeking is the light in your own lantern and your rice has been cooked from the very beginning.”
To me this means that from the beginning of time, when our soul came to be, we were on  a mission that we continue to discover and nurture forever by connecting to and helping each other.  Our light and answers are inside of us that can open our awareness of our connection and the bigger picture.  Our soul will continue to lead the way for us to help the greater good if we continue to feel and see our light, and the light in others, which is in all of us that connects us.  By us inspiring and ignited the light in others we can help strengthen worldly compassion, strength, and connectedness.  Also, going out into nature and breathing it in helps us connect to the bigger picture.  This is hard to explain, yet easier to feel… AUTHENTICALLY U!

This isn’t it, I was reminded again this weekend that we will be with our love ones forever!


Connecting this weekend to a very sweet, brave, and beautiful kindred spirit.

What seeing lady bugs, deers, red cardinals, butterflies, eagles, owls, other animals, beautiful sunsets, etc. could be telling us if we dare to believe and open our minds to having connections we can no longer touch, yet are sending us love and are remaining connected to us.  Have you seen these signs too or felt connections after love ones have gone?

This weekend I attended an amazing and deeply heartfelt exhibit.  I connected with a mom who explained she sees signs, lady bugs, whenever she travels that give her the message that her daughter’s spirit is with her since lady bugs are her daughter’s spirit animal they were both told about.  I explained that I possibly brought a lady bug with me since I discovered one on my folder going into my car that I brought into the gallery.  This folder was only outside for a couple minutes when I went from my house to car.  I hadn’t seen a lady bug in over a year and I felt I was supposed to tell her about this coincidence.  We decided to sit down and talk some more.   I looked through my bag and saw no signs of this infamous lady buy.  We continued to talk and a couple joined us who knew her.  As the four of us discussed love ones who have passed we saw a lady bug fly up toward the light near us in the gallery and we felt this was a sign that our relatives were with us and wanted us to be thinking of them.  I was so pleased that she expressed that this lady bug was there for all of us.  This spiritual connection with a new friend truly felt like a divine intervention and an important event to remember.

This surely isn’t the first time I’ve seen and felt a sign as deers seem like the animal that feels like my Dad’s spirit and light.  However, this is the first time that I brought one unknowingly to someone that seemed to bring comfort, peace, and a message for them.  She said she knows she was meant to be at this show because of this lady bug.  I feel I was meant to connect with her and remind her with this bug that her daughter is forever with her as our love ones are forever with us.  I wish I had known this was possible before my parents passed since this would have brought me hope and solace during those very hard times.  It’s just so wonderful that there is so much more to life and love than what can be seen and even imagined.  Being aware of profound experiences like these proved again to me that we are all connected to help and inspire each other.  This isn’t it as both of us agreed and we will be with our love ones forever!  Again I’m reminded that death doesn’t separate us from our love ones since our spirits can be felt forever by ones we are connected to.

Being aware of the light that is already within us

THANK YOU ALL for finding me as we may be on a similar spiritual path and journey experiencing our authentic-self reaching out to connect with others.  By doing this we are able to join our light with others as one heart to encourage the world to be more accepting, compassionate, and alive.  Being mindfully aware inside of how this feels can be life changing.  We can learn to see and feel the bigger picture when meditating, being mindful on how what’s happening on the outside is affecting our inside!, being ourselves completely, creating art, writing, dancing, going out and connecting with nature, etc.

When souls connect and resonate, as well as getting grounded during meditation, we can feel like peaceful still water.  We can all meditate, deep breathe, and transcend to get in touch with the light and stillness already within us.  I have an article on my website explaining Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), which is one of the Holistic techniques I teach others to let go of stress, trauma, past experiences and triggers to help one “Just Be.” Also, deep breathing and visualization techniques can help one accept and then shift negative self-talk and energy to be more positive and effortless. As we know there are so many ways to mindfully connect to oneself and to others.  ENJOY!



Marilyn Spenadel, LCPC, BCC
Holistic Psychotherapist
Spiritual Life Coach
Authentically U Counseling, LLC



This sunset photo I took last year reminds me that there is so much beauty and life to be mindful of in our own backyard and every day in our lives if we become conscious of it.     This beautiful sunset image came up this week on my Facebook page and brought attention to me that looking up is the best way to find blessings, connections, and what resonates in all of us.

I saw this week a young mother looking down and texting on her phone, pushing her stroller, and disengaging from her children due to being preoccupied with her phone.         She was multitasking as she tried to open a door as we helped her.  Maybe parents now forget that their children are wanting and needing their attention and may be thinking that their parent’s cell phones are more important than they are.  This could lead to misguided children who have cognitive dissonance in feeling that their parents love them, yet aren’t fully present to help and be with them.  Possibly parents are looking into the eyes of their children and connecting with their souls much less now due to increased technology and not remembering what’s truly important.

Do you think we as a society need to disconnect daily from our gadgets, computers, and TV to connect again with what’s really important; our connection to each other, our friends, family, and ourselves?  Are we missing out and sending the wrong messages to others when we aren’t fully present to validate their feelings, show compassion, and be on the same page they’re on?   Being fully present with whomever you are with can have long lasting effects to build well grounded and supportive relationships that we all need.

Sunsets can bring us back to what’s important to help us stay connected to ourselves and others.  When we go out into nature we are actually going in and becoming more aware of the bigger picture.  Connect your light with others as you breathe in and soak in the warm rays that can bring our souls together as one.


An “Aha Moment” in 2012 about the meaning of life; “all we need is love”

"All we need is Love"

As I reflect on my challenging 2012 year, with having love ones die, and gaining even more insight into the meaning of my life while watching Gray’s Anatomy last night.  A statement a character said seemed to ring true for me as he was reflecting back on his life, “I found people to love and love me back.”

This statement seems so simple, yet so profound.  As a therapist and life coach I help others find their meaning to their life.  They often wonder why they are put on this earth and how they can make a difference in the world.  I help them see what their strengths are, what their passion is, what living as their Authentic-Self feels and looks like, how to accept and love themselves, and what brings them the most joy as I try to plant seeds of hope and encouragement.  This is a process that is quick for some and may take years for others to discover.  I have found with spiritual growth and healing many of my clients find their answers.  This insight can be discovered while learning how to connect with themselves, others, and their world.  They do this in various ways; by going both inwards and outwards to find their answers through meditation, Advanced Integrative Therapy, connecting to nature or animals, and becoming both emotionally and/or physically healthy as they live in their Authentic-Self.

Spirituality to me is connecting to others with a smile, look, conversation, inspiration, through play and adventure, meditation, seeing someone get their “aha moment,” being a part of someone cleansing their stress or trauma, seeing someone understand themselves or someone else better, their last session with me, as well as, all the others and mainly connecting with love.  As I connect with my family, friends, and in work I have found the true meaning in life for me is that I too have found people to love and love me back.  Truly think about it, doesn’t love seem like the answer?  Living and making decisions for oneself and for others out of love seems so important and meaningful to my journey.

Hope you had an insightful 2012 too.  Looking forward to a rewarding, joyful, healthy, and full of love 2013!!

Marilyn                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Breathe, focus, grow, and be inspired”

A quick and easy ongoing Meditation technique to incorporate into your day to promote wellness

A quick and easy Meditation technique to enhance your resiliency to physical and mental illness.  Being aware of your mind/body connection to stress can make you stronger!

To add to your meditation/resiliency daily routine: 

Close your eyes and Just Breathe; the deeper the better.  3 seconds in through your nose and 6 seconds out through your mouth.  Do this 3 times, at least 4 times a day.  This will help you relax, cleanse out toxins and negative energy, and help you to become more resilient to deal with any stress that might come along.

Visualize bringing in an abundance of soothing, healing sunlight throughout your body from above in through your head and out your finger tips and toes.  Actually see the sun coming in and warming your energy centers up and melting away your stress, dripping off your finger tips and toes.  You can breathe out stress where you store it in your body.  As you breathe visually go to the area you hold your stress, pains, and breathe out the negative energy in the area by seeing it disappear.

Pass this on to help others too.  Meditation has been proven to ward off illnesses which come from stress.  Did you know that 80 % off all visits to doctors are stress related?!  Often our aches, pains, and illnesses come from chronic stress we are unaware we are under.  If your doctor can’t or can find a reason for your issue, see if these meditation techniques help you heal and become more resilient.  ENJOY!!

Aren’t you the energy you are living in now?

Finding your Authentically U! positive energy, light, flow, and acceptance as a part of the universe.

Finding your Authentically U!  positive energy, light, flow, and acceptance     as part of our universe.

“Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself.  If you are unhappy with anything – whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.”~ Tina Turner~from Be The Change. Love. Peace. Unity. ♥

I find when I help others, with healing therapeutic energy approaches to quickly and effectively cleanse their negative past feelings out, they can stop thinking of their past and can then move on.  You are not your past, present, or your future; you are the energy you are living in now.  Why not make your energy positive to help yourself and others live authentically?

Do what you enjoy and love to do! What activity makes you smile?

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.”– Henry Van Dyke


I love singing and dancing and do it because I enjoy it.  Not everyone loves my singing, yet so what.  I’ve talked to many people who won’t draw because they think they can’t or someone told them they couldn’t.  Don’t define yourself by what others say you should be or do, or shouldn’t.  Do what you enjoy, or think you’d enjoy, or want to learn even if someone said you couldn’t.  You could be missing a big part of yourself by not doing what you enjoy.  Where there is a will, there is a way as the saying goes.  You don’t have to be so talented at something to enjoy doing it.  What you love doing makes you AUTHENTICALLY U!

Don’t forget to do what you enjoy.  What will you do today that always makes you smile? How can you incorporate that into your every day life?

Here’s how to make an AUTHENTICALLYU!  Vision Board:

An Exercise in Finding YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF:  To make a vision board you take a blank poster board and put your “Authentically U” vision on the left side, of what makes you who you are.  Use words, quotes, magazine photos, images, and be as creative as you want.

Then, put your goals on the right side.  What would your goals be if you knew you wouldn’t fail as you keep the vision of your authentic self in mind?  Your authentic self will flow over into your goals.

Doing you authentically will bring you closer to your goals while staying true to yourself.  Keeping this visual reminder where you will see it can help you stay motivated, inspired,  and balanced.  ENJOY!!


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